Homemade egg-free pasta recipe for kids

Homemade egg-free pasta recipe for kids

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Children can enjoy a good homemade pasta dish today with this children's recipe for fresh egg-free pasta, ideal for allergic children. Enjoying a good plate of homemade pasta can turn a meal into a unique experience.

The recipe of Zuzana, from the blog 'Beyond' gluten ', is also a good way to have fun with children in the kitchen. Let them mix the ingredients and help roll out the dough, even if the moms and dads wield the knife.


  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 cup of rice flour
  • 1 cup of cassava starch (or potato starch or cornstarch, that is cornstarch)
  • 1 teaspoon xanthan gum (or guar gum)
  • Tips: The above three ingredients can be replaced with a gluten-free premix or wheat flour (for those who do not have to follow the gluten-free diet).

On our site we show you the ingredients you will need to make this recipe, as well as the step by step of its preparation so that you do not miss a single detail.

1. Mix all dry ingredients (flour, starch and gum) with a hand mixer. Put the flour mixture on the table. Make a hole in the center.

2. Put a part of the water in the hole.

3. Mix the water with the flour with the help of a knife. Add more liquids to form a consistent and thick dough (already with your hands). If necessary add more water.

4. Continue kneading until you get a firm dough in the shape of a ball.

5. Let the dough 'rest' for 30 minutes (covered).

6. Sprinkle the table with the cassava starch or rice flour. Roll out the dough with a wooden rolling pin to the desired thickness (2-3mm). Sprinkle it so that it does not stick to the roller.

7. Cut with a pizza cutter or knife to the desired shape. This time I rolled the dough and cut it rolled to get the noodle shape. Sprinkle with the cassava starch or rice flour so they don't stick.

Recipe and image of Zuzana Pinilla
Blog Beyond gluten. Vegan recipes, gluten free and sugar free.
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