Medical visits during pregnancy

Medical visits during pregnancy

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All those women who are planning their pregnancy are likely to go to the gynecologist for a preconception visit. In it, the medical history of the woman is taken and guidelines for healthy living are given in addition to the recommendation to start taking supplements such as folic acid.

If this visit has not been carried out, it is advisable to go to the doctor to begin with the medical tests and the control of the pregnancy, once the pregnancy test has been positive.

The monitoring of pregnancy and the frequency of visits vary in different countries and in different types of healthcare: public and private. In public health, basic routine controls are carried out, while in private health visits and tests are more frequent. In general the fundamental tests are common in all cases:

- First trimester of pregnancy: the first visit is usually carried out from week 7 of pregnancy and it is not advisable to wait beyond week 12. In this visit, an analysis is performed first to confirm the pregnancy.

Once confirmed, clinical analyzes such as triple screening will be carried out to assess the health status of the mother and the baby, since they can detect chromosomal abnormalities in the baby.

A medical history of the mother will also be taken if it has not been done before, the pregnant woman will be weighed, the probable date of delivery will be determined based on the date of the last rule and an appointment will be made for an ultrasound in week 12 It must be this week as it is the time when the nuchal fold can be measured and a possible case of Down syndrome can be assessed.

- Second trimester of pregnancy: clinical tests will be carried out again to check if the pregnant woman is in good health or needs a supplement. It is common for the pregnant woman to be low in iron and have a little anemia.

The ultrasound at week 20 is essential, it can determine not only the sex of the baby but also if it has any malformation.

The gynecologist will assess whether the weight of the pregnant woman is correct and will make the appropriate recommendations on lifestyle such as walking every day or doing moderate physical exercise, avoiding alcohol and tobacco and eating a healthy diet.

- Third trimester of pregnancy: at the beginning of it, together with the appropriate analyzes, the glucose test or O'Sullivan test will be carried out, which detects if the pregnant woman may suffer from gestational diabetes. Ultrasound scans will also be performed to assess the baby's condition and whether he has already been placed on his stomach.

The gynecologist will recommend participating in the preparation courses for childbirth and the vaginal-rectal exudate test will be performed to check if there are no bacteria present in some women that could cause illness in the baby.

When the probable date of delivery approaches, the mother will be summoned to perform the monitor test and check the baby's status and if there are already contractions.

Gynecologists recommend having all the analytics and tests performed during pregnancy together and in a folder so that when the labor is triggered and the mother arrives at the hospital, the clinical staff can have all the necessary information.

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