Games for children to learn to read

Games for children to learn to read

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Although each child is a world, and we cannot pretend that they all have the same speed in the learningIt is true that there are certain tricks to help our children improve in different areas.

In this case, we refer to the field of reading, in which each child sets his own pace, but which is necessary so that as soon as possible they know how to recognize the words and reach read fluently. Therefore, it is necessary that we know some tricks and home games that will allow us to start in the beautiful universe of reading with our children in a natural way.

To begin with, if our son is not too fast in the learning to read, the most important thing is not to lose patience and that everything is fun. Some tricks have to do with interactive reading, that is, with those children's stories or books that, in addition to words, have many images, which will help the child to relate these figures to the letters and thus make it much easier for him to start reading.

Recognize the letters that make words next to the drawings or the photographs will make it easy for them to remember how this word is read, especially if it appears in relief or with a considerable size, which will make it relate naturally.

We can also help the little ones in the house based on drawings, where on each page in alphabetical order the words appear next to the image.

1. Use the theater with the story: In addition to the games or series that appear in the book or text in question, we can help ourselves with dramatization or small theaters so that our children find the game more fun. concept of reading and to understand what their eyes have seen. If we help them with phrases to help them remember or with drawing tricks, they will do it sooner.

2. We can carry out the game of houses: A landscape is drawn, with a house and the typical elements (sun, cloud, tree) ... The words of each element will always be read from left to right. Below the drawings The words will appear, the name of each object: sun, cloud, roof, path ... so they will become familiar with them little by little.

3. Use the onomatopoeia: Also, if we ourselves give fun to the story by imitating sounds if animals appear instead of structures, then the child will remember it much better. Use the sounds of animals and ask him to repeat those sounds himself, add 'noises' invented by you. Change the intonation depending on the character ... you will see how you will get their full attention!

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