How to make the child more sociable

How to make the child more sociable

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There are children who innately know how to relate to both their peers and adults; social situations have no secrets for them and they are born conquerors.

However, this is not always the case, and for others, instead, relationships with others are more difficult than normal, It is difficult for them to approach, start a conversation...

Fortunately, the acquisition of social skills is something that can always be worked on in all stages of life, but the sooner this lack of skills is detected, the sooner the children can be trained to assimilate them and be able to relate to others in a fluid way, so that they can get closer to their peers, they can ask to be allowed to play, they know solve conflicts that occurred in the schoolyard ...

exist workshops to improve children's social skills and adolescents, where in a very practical way and through small groups, these strategies are worked on with the aim of integrating them into their daily lives.

However, there are many things that parents can do to promote the acquisition of social skills in children:

- Let's reinforce every positive step that the child takes, no matter how small. Changes are made gradually. Let's reinforce the entire process, in this way we favor the final result. Let's not lose patience. All changes take time and a lot of dedication.

- We do not underestimate or compare you with another brother, cousin or friend with more skills than him.

- We will not allow you to isolate yourself from others. We will provide him with situations where he can get used to social contacts, such as extracurricular activities, going with him to parks, gardens, sports clubs ... When we go to these sites, we will not let him download a console or game that allows him to play alone. We encourage their integration with the other children.

- Strive to show ourselves confident and outgoing. We know that children learn by modeling. Let's practice our social skills in front of them, in this way we will teach them much more than with any speech. Let us be your best example.

- Let's train with the child everyday situations, doing a 'role-playing' of how to ask to participate in a game, in which we will show you how to do it. Practicing this behavior gives children the confidence to behave in this way in real life.

- Let's mark some objective and possible goals, which are neither too low nor too high, but that we know that at first it can be achieved. In this way we will increase their self-esteem and security and reinforce their social skills.

- Let's promote their independence. It is good that they are allowed to do things for themselves and begin to make decisions, in this way we will promote their safety. It is a great boost to their self-esteem when they see themselves as responsible and independent.

- Let's find extracurricular activities that you like and in which it can excel. Let's help you see your abilities.

- From small we will introduce our children to different social situations so that they know other realities. It is not advisable that the only social frequency is to go see the family.

- Let's invite your friends over. In this context he feels safer, this is his territory. He will take out the games he masters and this will make it much easier for him to interact with other children and put the skills learned into practice.

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