Games to exercise children's minds

Games to exercise children's minds

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All children's games are an important opportunity for children to learn, developing their physical, emotional, cognitive and social skills. We focus on some games to exercise children's minds.

When we talk about games to exercise children's minds, we refer, in this case, to games that stimulate memory, attention, perception, logic ...

Surely when reading this you have thought about some board game and rules such as Parcheesi, chess, memory or puzzles. It is more than known that these games, while entertaining, exercise a very important function: they activate, stimulate and enhance our basic cognitive processes (perception, attention and memory).

But apart from these games there are many others that we can do with younger children and that fulfill the same functions, which I will tell you about below:

1. Ranking games: Classifying tiles, buttons, construction pieces, buttons, ... This type of game in which the child is asked to classify based on color, size or shape allows children to understand that what surrounds us can be different. To classify correctly the child must remain attentive, observing the similarities and differences between objects and placing them in the right place.

2. Serial games: Seriation is a basic, pre-logical mathematical notion, a capacity that operates by establishing comparative relationships between the elements of a set and orders them according to their differences. That is why when we ask our children to follow a series we are starting several cognitive processes: attention, memory, ability to observe details ... Using the same material as in the previous case, we can ask the children to make color series (yellow-blue-green-yellow-blue-green) or by sizes (small-large-medium-small)

3. The treasure hunt: It is a game that children of all ages like, not just the little ones. It is a game of clues and tests in which children must find a treasure that we have previously hidden. To find it they must exercise their mind, solving clues for which they will have to use all their attention, memory and logical reasoning.

4. Guessing game: Riddles or riddles are another type of hobby with the initial objective of entertaining and amusing our children but with which we favor:

- The development of both expressive and comprehensive language

- The acquisition and expansion of vocabulary

- The development of thought

- Attention and concentration

5. The classic I see-I see: This classic game, the traditional I see-I see, is an educational game that allows children to use their listening, attention and observation skills to find that object, plant or animal that they must discover.

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