Classical music for children. Why not?

Classical music for children. Why not?

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A few years ago my daughter, along with her choir group, was doing a presentation on a television show that is dedicated to entertaining, staging and explaining classical music to children. In reality, what the program does is bring children closer to classical music, popularizing its style and language. Children go crazy! Is that contrary to what many think, classical music is not boring. Children like it, but it is not offered to them.

The director and presenter of the program "El Conciertazo", Fernando Argenta, is passionate about what he does and knows how to transmit it. He was able to put a lot of spiders in the box to dance "La Tarantella", the typical Neapolitan dance of southern Italy. With that, what is wanted to convey is that classical music is not indicated only for babies and children to relax or fall asleep more quickly. With this musical style you can also have fun, a lot. That you can also party with the music of Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi, Chopin ...

The writer, illustrator and great lover of opera, Georgina García-Mauriño, whom our site has had the honor of interviewing, as a result of her fantastic stories and curious illustrations perfectly located in the collection of disco-stories Tell me an opera, she manages to bring opera to children in a simple and exciting way. Their plots are wonderful stories, often too incredible for an adult, but with all the fantasy of children's stories, and like these, operas feed children's imagination and help them discover the world and get to know each other by putting ideas and ideas in order. emotions.

Through classical music children have the opportunity to put melodies to the feelings or feelings in the melodies. In addition, it is a very attractive form of emotional expression. Children jump, dance, imagine stories ... it is very important to choose animated works that awaken their illusions, and that infect their spirits. With classical music the show is assured. My daughter's choir had fun performing, but I'm sure they enjoyed the entire program.

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