How much exercise children should get

How much exercise children should get

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Sport is essential for the health and development of the child. That is why it is important that we encourage him from a young age. With simple exercises as a baby to promote crawling and outdoor sports for older children.

It is also important that the sport that children do is consistent with their age and their abilities and tastes. But how much sport should children do? Just as there is a nutritional pyramid to indicate the foods they should eat every day, there is also a sports pyramid so parents know how much exercise their children should do.

Not all exercises have the same benefits for children. In fact, a different frequency is recommended for each type of exercise. That is why there is an exercise pyramid to guide parents, just as there is a nutritional pyramid to highlight the most important foods in children's diets. Thus, we recommend:

- Every day: running, playing outside, swinging, walking to school, climbing stairs (instead of using the elevator).

- 5-7 days a week: recreational activities (sports or traditional games), aerobic activities (playing soccer, basketball, etc.)

- 3 days a week: exercise strength and flexibility through dancing, jumping, martial arts, etc.

- Diminish: sedentary behaviors, television, consoles.

Regarding the diet to follow: Ideally, the child athlete drinks water, without more. In hot environments, if the physical exercise developed has been intense, you can choose to take an isotonic drink. It is not recommended to drink soda or packaged juices.

Your diet must be balanced and healthy, but not special. Its main base must be the carbohydrates, without neglecting a small but reasonable percentage of proteins and fats. It must be taken into account that the child who does competitive sports will have a higher metabolic rate, and will need to incorporate a greater amount of food.

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