Children's swimming

Children's swimming

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Swimming is one of the most complete sports that exist, its advantages and benefits are recognized by pediatricians and experts. In addition, the child's knowledge of the aquatic environment provides him with life insurance to prevent them from drowning in water.

There are countless midwifery courses and swimming lessons for babies. In any case, parents can make the baby lose his fear of water from the first days of life and become familiar with the aquatic environment; This is achieved by wetting the baby's head or by putting it under water during the bath.

There is no unanimity regarding what age is the most suitable for children to start attending swimming lessons. Some experts point out that from the first month of life a baby is preparing to start learning to float, although it is not until the age of four that the locomotor system is sufficiently developed to swim.

Water does not hurt, does not hit, maintains the baby's weight, allows you to move even when you are not on land yet, and provides you with a pleasant opportunity to recognize your body, space and objects. Thus, swimming, this sport so complete that it fosters independence and increases the intelligence of our little ones, is, simply, like a game.

Swimming for babies, aquatic stimulation, midwifery ... The initiation of babies in swimming is called in different ways but it has nothing to do with what is meant by learning to swim. Actually before 4 or 5 years the child will not have a swimming technique, although it can become autonomous in the water. Swimming for babies is a playful activity to bring the baby closer to the water while developing his body, stimulating his intelligence and gaining skills.

As long as the child is not old enough to do other activities or sports, the water is very accessible and suitable for any age. In fact, the earlier the child's contact with water, the better his adaptation will be and the easier it will be for him to learn.

Whereas before 3 or 4 years were expected to start your child in the aquatic world, in recent years midwifery is one of the activities most demanded by parents with babies. And, it is that, it is shown that babies under one year old adapt faster to water than older children, who have developed certain feelings of fear and distrust towards water.

With swimming, children and babies acquire many benefits:

- They acquire coordination and balance

- Improve your stamina

- Relax the child or baby if it is moderate exercises

- Increase appetite

- They exercise all parts of their body

- They promote better physical, psychological, and even social development.

Babies during pregnancy develop in the aquatic environment as they are surrounded by amniotic fluid. This means that during the first months of life, they still have developed a certain ability to move in the aquatic environment. Babies send a signal to the brain to close the airways and thus avoid swallowing water.

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