10 reasons for children to do theater

10 reasons for children to do theater

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The theater is part of the list of extracurricular activities that parents can choose for their children. For a child to do theater, they do not have to be outgoing or talkative, they do not even have to have special qualities or want to become a professional actor or actress.

The practice of theater in childhood should only be a vehicle for children to have fun, play, explore, invent legal characters, learn and make friends.

Theater schools, through various activities and games in groups or individuals, are ideal to help children develop language and movement, in addition to exercising memory and mental agility. Also, theater is beneficial for children for these reasons:

1. Contributes to the formation and development of character of the child

2. Improves and favors children's diction

3. Increases memory, attention and concentration of children

4. Helps you improve your self-esteem

5. Fight against shyness and embarrassment

6. Teach children to interact with other children and work in groups

7. Encourage self-knowledge

8. Helps them get to know their body and improve motor coordination

9. Brings children closer to poetry, reading and literature and allows them to play with the world of fantasy.

10. Teach children to control their emotions.

More and more schools are offering theater as an extracurricular activity for children. Educators believe that theater practice also contributes to children's academic and behavioral development.

In general, the best age for children to start with theater is from the age of five, since at this age most children already know how to read, understand and their memory capacity is very high. Children absorb everything they see and hear, they are like sponges.

However, obviously the child should never be forced. The best thing is to take him to know what a theater course is like and what activities are carried out. And, it never hurts to talk to the teacher to see if your child is ready to start theater practice.

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