What dads do for their children

What dads do for their children

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Are you still one of those who believe that you have to dig a lot in the bag to find things that dads do for their children that moms do not? Today's mothers have set the bar very high, but there is no doubt that the role of the father within the family, in recent years, has changed and for the better! Goodness...

From the distant attitude of the authoritarian father, little given to hugs and pampering his children, we have passed to the figure of the father who is a friend of his children who actively participates in their daily lives and who also changes diapers, feeds them She stays with the children without problems when Mom is out, takes them to the pediatrician, talks to their teachers, and waits patiently in the schoolyard until the children finish playing when she goes to pick them up.

The figure of the traditional father who previously left everything, absolutely everything related to his children, to his mother, has changed a lot in recent years. Every weekend I see parents who wake up early on Saturdays and Sundays to take their children to a soccer or basketball game, who sacrifice quietly watching the broadcast of their favorite team's game to be with their little ones or to be a teacher when there is a math or language test on Monday.

New parents are more aware of the value that their figure represents in the lives of their children. Many of you who are reading me right now are sure that you feel identified with any of these situations and, it is possible, that you have already lived them on one or more occasions. What makes today's parents very different from those of before is that many of you are capable of spending hours and hours playing children's things and on top of having fun, sacrificing a football game, your favorite series or the news for cartoons, leave 'your computer' to play with it, lie down in a 90 cm bed, get up at dawn to bring water or a pacifier, go on Sundays for churros for breakfast, go for a walk without question, be able from lugging a scooter, bicycle or skateboard all the way home, becoming a nurse when you've been injured or a psychologist when you have a problem, or doing puppet theater to finish everything what's on the plate.

And the best of all is that mothers drool over you when we see you so involved with the children, with the home and with the family. The figure of the father is a very important reference in the lives of children and, above all, it is fundamental in their education and in their mental and emotional well-being. But it also improves relationships, do not forget. If your desire is to live an "eternal" honeymoon with your partner, do not distance yourself, participate, your children make it easy for you.

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