Hair on the body of the newborn

Hair on the body of the newborn

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It may not seem normal but it is, babies are born with body hair. In blond and fair-skinned children it is not so evident, but in brown newborns, it is surprising, especially to first-time parents, to see how the arms, back, legs or even ears and cheeks of their little one are full of hair. It is not a strange fact and this hair is called lanugo.

We are used to seeing images of babies in advertisements, posters, television ... They are presented to us as perfect babies: round, with big eyes and a pink mouth. However, the newborn is very far from the idyllic image that is sold to us. He is surrounded by a white fat called vernix caseosa, his face is often swollen and also ... It's covered in hair!

New parents are often surprised to see that their baby has hair all over his body and wonder if it will always be like that. Nevertheless,lots of this hair surrounding your shoulders, back and ears it falls as the days go by. The amount of hair of a child also has a genetic component, children of parents with a lot of hair usually inherit this characteristic.

Lanugo appears during pregnancy. The baby's skin throughout gestation is very thin and soft, almost transparent in the early stages, so there is no fat under it. The lanugo acts as a protective layer, as well as vernix caseosa, a whitish and sticky fat, since otherwise, when it is constantly in contact with the amniotic fluid, it would soften.

Lanugo appears at the end of the first trimester of pregnancy, first on the baby's head, and by mid-gestation it already covers the entire body. Some babies lose it before or during delivery, and others are born with it. It can be long and very dark in color.

Premature babies tend to have more hair than full-term babies since they have not yet lost that protection that was going to help them to cross the birth canal more smoothly.

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