Flying bee. Children's crafts with eggs

Flying bee. Children's crafts with eggs

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Holidays with children can be very entertaining, an opportunity to enjoy as a family and do activities like this craft together, a flying bee made from an egg, to celebrate Easter.

Decorating Easter eggs is a tradition, and from Guí we propose some ideas for you to make fun eggs by giving them the shape of animals. A very original children's craft.

  • Egg
  • A needle
  • Bowl or bowl
  • EVA rubber or yellow felt
  • White tissue paper
  • Yellow acrylic paint
  • Brush
  • Glue and scissors
  • Black and red marker

1. Empty the egg with the help of a needle and a bowl. When it's really clean, paint it yellow. Here is a step-by-step tutorial to empty an egg without breaking it.

2. Paint lines with the pencil, go over them and fill in with the black marker to make the body of the bee.

3. Draw and cut out the template of the bee's face. Place the mouth template on EVA rubber or yellow felt, mark it with a pencil and carefully cut it out.

4. Flip the felt over, put glue on the back of the mouth, and place it on the egg, so that it is centered. With a black marker, draw the eyes and antennae, and paint the mouth in red.

5. Draw and cut out the template for the wings. Mark them on tissue paper and cut them out carefully so as not to tear them.

6. Make a little crease in the wings or wrinkle them a bit to make them more real. Add some glue and glue the wings to the back. You can now enjoy your little bee.

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