Good father or good father

Good father or good father

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More than once you have heard, like me, the phrase 'there is only one mother, there is any father', and surely you have people on hand who would not change their father for any other, as there are also mothers who have abandoned their children or they have not been treated and cared for as they deserve.

Perhaps this reflection will surprise you since usually the education of the children was always more in the commitments and responsibilities of the mothers. Parents were absent from their children's education for a long time.

However, everything changes at a frenetic pace and it is that deep down the issue of parenthood is women as chips of the same game as we are daughters, wives, mothers ... It is not bad then that at least once a year we stop to reflect on the role of father. Many of us know how commendable and wonderful the word contains Dad. For this reason, and because I have seldom seen a text that captures a dilemma such as parenthood with such certainty, I 'give' you the following lines: Good father or good father?

Good parents there are many; good parents, there are few. It is not difficult to be a good father, on the other hand, there is nothing more difficult than being a good father. A soft heart is enough to be a good father, but a stronger will and a clearer head are still little to make a good father.

The good father says Yes when it is Yes and No when it is No ...

The good father only knows how to say yes ...

The good father makes his child a little God and ends up in a little devil. The good father does not make idols ... he lives the presence of the One God.

The good father shrinks the imagination of the son with toys from the bazaar. The good father makes his son's fantasy fly by letting him create an airplane out of two old timbers ...

The good father helps the son's will by saving him efforts and responsibilities. A good father tempers the character of his son by taking him on the path of work and effort. And thus, the good father grows old disappointed and belatedly repentant, while the good father grows up in years respected, loved and is, in the long run, understood.

Rosa Mañas. Editor of our site

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