Day of Santo Román, February 28. Names for boys

Day of Santo Román, February 28. Names for boys

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Román is a name for a boy of Latin origin that means 'the one who comes from Rome', thus linked to the oldest Latin tradition and with great connotations of nobility. It is a name that gains adherents over time, although it is not yet very common.

And it is precisely his originality mixed with the noblest tradition that makes Roman the perfect name for your son. He celebrates his name day on February 28, which is the day of San Román.

The name Román implies a charismatic and very particular personality, surrounded by mystery and admiration. His special character makes Roman a person who triumphs in social relationships, becoming the organized, decisive and protective leader that every group seeks. In addition, Roman has an alert intelligence and a great capacity for work and does not hesitate to commit to what he believes in.

Román is a name used all over the world with hardly any variations, in case we observe a change in pronunciation depending on the language. It is a name that continues to arouse great curiosity because it is surrounded by a halo of enigma. It is very frequent in Russia, used since ancient times especially by the nobility, which gives an idea of ​​the prestige that the name of your son gives.

But it is that Roman is not only used as a name, it is also frequently used as a surname. We also find the name of your child as one of the ways to name the pomegranate tree. Without forgetting the poetic tradition and its relationship with the word romance. Roman or poem or sing can be used to designate the most beautiful poetic compositions.

Due to its aristocratic tradition, the name of your son has not only been borne by Russian nobles, but also by various emperors of the Eastern Roman Empire. At present, we find as a reference to the success the Russian billionaire businessman Roman Abramovich, famous for his relationship with the world of football. And as a reference to creativity and a commitment to one's own identity we have the controversial film director Roma Polanski.

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