Why Some Children Have Gaping Teeth

Why Some Children Have Gaping Teeth

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We call 'diastemas' to the spaces between tooth and tooth. In the primary or milk dentition it is common and desirable that these spaces exist.

Baby teeth are much narrower than permanent teeth. The definitive ones will come out occupying the place of the storms but they also need that space that is usual and physiological in milk ones. Therefore not only we should not be concerned that there are spaces between the teeth, but on the contrary, the problems are predictable when those spaces do not exist because then how and where are the permanent teeth going to be placed?

We have associated in mind that a perfect mouth is a mouth without 'gaps' but in children we must think that it is just the opposite. 40% of children who do not have diastemas will present tooth crowding in the definitive dentition.

The fact that the teeth are glued to each other favors cavities at the contact points, and this is more common between the molars than between the teeth. In fact, they are the most common cavities in school-age children. It is essential to use dental floss also in children, for which there are floss applicators that make the task much easier. Although there is nothing better to get used to to pass the thread to see parents who do it consistently.

The diastema that most worries parents is undoubtedly the one that usually appears between the two final upper incisors. Parents often consult for this reason when these teeth have just erupted, sometimes even with the lateral milk incisors next to them. They surely think that the child is going to keep that smile for life. But it's too early to tell. First you have to wait for the lateral incisors to erupt, and keep waiting until the definitive canines, many years later, also occupy their rightful place, already at puberty.

The presence of this interincisor diastema is often attributed to the lip frenulum, but the truth is that it is not always the culprit, and cutting the frenulum, without doing orthodontics afterwards, is usually not effective. Later there are different ways to solve it, cover it or hide it, but as often happens, for each patient there is an individualized solution.

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