An Oscar award for your son

An Oscar award for your son

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Millions of people have been watching the most famous gala of cinema, the Oscar delivery, where those that have been chosen as the best films of the year compete.

We all tend to watch the red carpet to see costumes that we may never be able to wear, jewelry that we will never wear and characters we admire and with whom we will never share a dinner. But, from our reality, we can also play to make our own Oscars and have a fun time with the family.

We tell you what the oscars game and how we can give your son an Oscar award.

We propose you a game so that enjoy your own awards gala as a family while you educate children in values ​​and motivate them to carry out their daily activities.

The first thing is to make the statuette. If you are good at crafts and always with the help of children, you can make several cardboard dolls from recycled material such as toilet paper rolls.

Now that we have awards, we can dress up for the home parent-child Oscars gala. What do you think if parents dress up as children and children as parents? You can also dust off the Carnival or Halloween costumes and make up party for this unique occasion.

Now, all reunited as a family, you can start the children's cinema party. You, as parents, will be in charge of giving the prizes. Here are some ideas for the nominees:

-Oscar to the funniest of the house

-Oscar the most studious

-Oscar who eats the best

-Oscar who does the best housework

-Oscar the most obedient

You can even motivate the child during these previous days to put more effort into your chores to get more OscarsIt is about encouraging children in an original way and rewarding them for what they do well.

And to liven up the children's Oscars party, you can sing children's songs and do your own shows. We hope you find this idea fun and help you spend a Sunday with a different family. Happy Oscar to the GuiaInfantil family!

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