Poetry to the father. Nursery Rhymes for Dads

Poetry to the father. Nursery Rhymes for Dads

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This poem is a tender tribute to all the dads in the world. Matilde Alba Swann gives us these verses capable of touching any parent who hears them recite with their child's voice on such a special date as Father's Day.

Nursery rhymes are a good medium for the development of children's memory, as it helps to improve reading aloud and intonation. They also encourage creativity and are great fun for both children and adults.

When your father comes ...

Useless threat you will continue playing,

and you will break the windows, if you want the ball,

and you will do your homework wrong, if it goes up through your mind,

airy and unfolded, your dream on a kite.

When your father comes ...

But your father understands,

and hear the charges pretending angry,

Until you walk away

Then he will say in a low voice,

that just like this one of yours, her childhood was naughty.

And in lying rest, he will retrace happily

the narrowed eyes, the days of 'rabona',

the games on the roof, the face of the mother

and that father so man that left them early.

And suddenly feel the terror of losing you,

or that you lose it, and it will look for your steps,

and will go with your memory climbing

to the distant branch of that tree,

foliage, like then,

refuge from that fear of birds' soil.

When your father comes ...

and who arrives is a sleeping child in man,

that instead of reprimanding you, he softens longing.

Matilde Alba Swann.

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