The pacifier and the baby's speech

The pacifier and the baby's speech

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It is necessary to be aware of the problems that uncontrolled use of the pacifier can cause. It is proven, through many studies, that the pacifier can compromise teething and favor the incidence of bacteria. But the problem may go further because by compromising teething, it will consequently impair the child's speech.

For a correct articulation of the phonemes, it is necessary that the child has a normal mouth, that is, with well-fitted teeth. Pacifiers can also get a baby used to mouth breathing, thus altering the production of sounds.

This happens because the baby who sucks on the breast develops the muscles responsible for sucking, swallowing and breathing movements. Those who use the bottle do not need to exert as much effort to suck the milk.

Brazil's health ministry determined that pacifier and bottle manufacturers will be required to alert consumers to problems caused by the use of the product. The products must bear a label with a warning: “The Ministry of Health informs. The child who sucks on the breast does not need a bottle or pacifier.

The use of these products harms breastfeeding, and their prolonged use harms the child's teething and speech ”. What is intended with this is to make the population aware of the possible harm caused by the products.

The speech disorders that the child may have are not serious and can be corrected, but they range from mispronouncing certain sounds or having a difficult pronunciation of some words. These problems usually pass over time through the abandonment of habits and the practice of language.

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