What names would you give the babies if you had quadruplets?

What names would you give the babies if you had quadruplets?

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Four babies, nothing more and nothing less than quadruplets, two boys and two girls were the ones that a 33-year-old woman gave birth in the Biscayan hospital of Cruces in Barakaldo, Spain, a few years ago (2011). We know that the multiple birth was carried out by caesarean section, that the babies weighed between 2 kilos and 930 grams.

And of course, we know the names: Xabier, Aingeru, Haizea and Saioa. All of them, Basque names. What names would you give your babies if you had quadruplets?

If it is no longer so easy to choose a name for a baby, with the number of names that exist, imagine for twins, twins, for four babies! The news fell like a bomb in the house of the parents of the quadruplets. The doctor who performed the ultrasound after artificial insemination saw two fetuses floating in the amniotic fluid. At first, she thought they were twins, but the next moment, she noticed that there were two more and that was when the suspicion became reality and the mother learned that she had four babies in her womb.

I think there are no pre-established rules for choosing baby names other than the desire, taste and preferences of the parents. Anyway, when it comes to multiple births I think it is best to opt for simple and easy to remember names. Names, for example, that begin with the same letter: Laura, Lorena, Luis and Leonardo, or Sofía, Sara, Saúl and Santiago... or names that match the baby's first surname. Apart from this way of choosing names, you can also choose names that have the same number of syllables, such as Guillermo, Ricardo, Azucena and Fernanda, or by shorter names like Ana, Noa, José and Iker.

Another way to name twins or twins babies is to choose names related to things or other nationalities. For example, flower names like Daisy, Rose, Dahlia... or Arabic, English, Greek, French names ... The important thing in choosing names is that they sound good and that parents take into account the importance of not giving strange and unusual names to their babies. If you have any name suggestions or magic formula for making a quadruplet baby name combination, I'd like to know.

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