Everything is in place. Nursery rhymes

Everything is in place. Nursery rhymes

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Nursery rhyme can become a language among children, as it makes them develop as people and gives them greater sensory and creative capacity.

On the other hand, children's poems help them express their feelings and better understand passions and emotions. In short, poetry, with its rhythm and melody, leads children by the hand to the essence of words.

The short poems are easier for children to assimilate. Teaching them to recite poetry can be very good for their intellectual development.

With this poem by Gloria Fuertes, your children will improve their expression while they learn to relate the animals with the place where they live.

The wolves on the mountain

the chicks in the pen,

the fish in the water,

ships at sea.

Everything is already in place,

and everything in its place.

Children at school

and the ducks to fly

Author: Gloria Fuertes

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