Carnival masks with paper plates. Crafts for kids

Carnival masks with paper plates. Crafts for kids

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Carnival is an occasion that children take advantage of to dress up and play imitating their favorite characters. To get a simple and inexpensive costume, you can make these animal mask crafts with the children.

With some paper or plastic plates you can make simple masks for children. These crafts are a way to have fun as a family and get an original costume for one of the children's favorite parties

Animals are very popular as Carnival costumes. Children like to choose their favorite animal, whether they are from the current era like lions or dogs, or prehistoric like dinosaurs, and play to imitate them. If there is a pet at home, it may be an inspiration for their first costumes, they will like to go around the house imitating the dog, cat or animal that is close to them.

But there are many other less common and very funny alternatives to make the children's costume very original. Panda bear, cow or pig are some of the proposals of these crafts. The best thing is that you don't need complicated materials to make them.

Paper or plastic plates, colored cardboard and paints are all you will need to make these fun masks. In addition to getting personalized masks, children will learn the importance of recycling.

Go ahead and make these Carnival crafts with your children, whether they are cardboard masks, felt headbands or these animal masks with paper plates.

Pig mask for children. Pig mask with paper plate. When Carnival approaches, you have to look for a simple and original costume, like the one you can get with this pig mask, a craft for children with paper plates.

Panda bear mask. Panda bear mask. our site proposes to make a simple and inexpensive mask to get a panda costume for children. The simplest craft to do with children at Carnival.

Lion mask. How to make a lion mask for children. Turn your child into a fierce lion with this paper plate lion mask craft, the best way to get a unique Carnival costume.

Dinosaur mask. Dinosaur costume with paper plate. For children who like dinosaurs you have this Carnival mask craft, with a paper plate and imagination you can turn your child into a prehistoric creature.

Flower mask. How to make a flower mask for children. Make a nice flower costume for children with very simple materials. You only need cardboard, paint, and a paper plate for this craft.

Cow mask for children. Cow mask made with paper plate. You only need a paper plate and colored cardboard to make this cow mask craft for the children's Carnival costume.

Video: DIY-Paper plate Panda. How to make a paper Panda mask with paper dish easily (June 2022).


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