Most popular boy names for 2015 in Ecuador

Most popular boy names for 2015 in Ecuador

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It is not always easy to choose a baby's name. Some parents want to continue the family tradition in names for boy, while others prefer a more original name. But for both it is inevitable not to look at the trends in names.

We know the trends in names for boys in Ecuador for this 2015. They are names that combine tradition with modernity, with names always updated and recovered. These are the most popular boy names in Ecuador in 2015.

1. Alexander. This name is of Greek origin and means 'he who protects men'. It is one of the most popular names in the world because it has great strength and a special magnetism.

2. Erick. The name is of Scandinavian origin and its meaning is related to the 'eternal power'. It is a name with a great personality, very seductive and attractive for your child.

3. José Luis. To the Hebrew origin of Joseph, which means 'abundance', is joined by the Germanic origin of Luis, which means 'illustrious warrior'. Thus, one of the most popular compound names in the world is formed.

4. Hugo. It is a name of Germanic origin that means 'intelligent'. It was recovered by families around the world a few years ago for being very attractive as well as evocative. And today it is present in all the lists of frequent names.

5. Matías. This name has a Hebrew origin and a meaning of 'Gift from God'. Although it belongs to the biblical tradition, the name has been revitalized in recent years, now presenting itself as a modern and original name.

6. Diego. The name is of Hebrew origin and means 'held by the heel'. It is a variant of Jacobo, but in this way it gains distinction and elegance. That is why it is one of the names preferred by parents.

7. Jordan. It is a name of Hebrew origin that means 'the descendent'. Both Jordan and Jordan appear, but in this Anglophone version it is more modern and original.

8. Dylan. The name has an Irish origin and a meaning of 'son of the sea'. We are facing one of the names that will sweep in the coming years because it gives off an unusual energy and is charming.

9. Kevin. It is a name of Irish origin that means 'sweet birth'. It is positioned as one of the most popular boy names because it brings a great personality and is very current.

10. Luis Fernando. This compound name has a Germanic origin. The name Luis is combined with Fernando, which means 'dared' and that forms one of the most traditional and strongest names.

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