The culture of good treatment of children

The culture of good treatment of children

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Treating children well from a young age is the best way to educate them to build a better society. If we take into account that children learn to develop behaviors by imitation, that is, by copying the behaviors of their parents, the culture of good treatment of children is the key to building a society without violence.

Understanding the behavior of children is not always easy, you have to take into account their age and many other aspects such as the context, the people with whom we interact at all times, the affective bond we have with them, the mood or of fatigue that we have ...

For this reason, I am not surprised that some specialists consider it so important to educate parents and children equally. The education strategy for parents consists of teaching them verbal, gestural and paraverbal behaviors - tones, shapes, rhythms, etc. - that help them to communicate assertively with their children, since children usually learn through the imitation of behaviors from his parents.

But how to do it? To be more practical and to the point the Spanish Association of Pediatrics (AEP) in collaboration with other pediatric and social societies has developed thePractical Guide of Good Treatment of Children. Among the advice offered to parents to educate children on a day-to-day basis, it is suggested to jointly carry out tasks at home because it allows children not only to enjoy the company of their parents while carrying out an obligation, but also to it allows them to feel useful and accepted for what they can contribute at home, as well as more autonomous and competent.

To develop mutual respect between parents and children and the responsibility to take on tasks proportionate to their age, it is essential to set limits and know how to listen. And it is that children need to feel that adults listen to them and recognize their merits and the things they have done well. Thus, various studies on human development have revealed that children need to perceive that their parents devote attention, affection and recognition to them, regardless of the personal and family circumstances that adults go through at all times.

Treating children with assertiveness does not mean letting them do what they want, you always have to guide them because children need rules and limits that help them better regulate their spontaneous behaviors in order to be respectful with others and with everything around them. The orientation of parents to their children is the best way to assume the rules of coexistence.

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