Chemo playing flies by for the kids

Chemo playing flies by for the kids

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Of course, playing is one of the most successful therapies to make children forget or put aside some bad time they are experiencing. Playing, for example, the chemotherapy sessions that children with cancer have to endure, makes them entertain themselves, time flies by and they forget, even for a little while, about the disease. This is the goal of Play therapy, a non-profit organization dedicated to putting a smile on the faces of children with cancer.

Juegaterapia has been created to collect PlayStation, Nintendos, PLAYs, PSPs, Xbox, as well as all kinds of consoles, and distribute them in the children's oncology floors of hospitals, in order to achieve that 'chemo playing flies by' for children . When a child has cancer, they will be exposed to various types of treatment to fight the disease.

Many times they have to spend months and even years receiving chemotherapy or another type of therapy, which ends up taking away their vitality, energy and desire. Aside from how difficult it is to follow the painful and intense treatments, children end up bored during the time they have to stay in the hospital. Due to this concern, decides to adopt this campaign, making the passage of children through the hospital as light as possible.

The point is to offer children with cancer an alternative or option so that they can be distracted while receiving treatments, making the recovery process somewhat less traumatic. The website is still under development, but through the public profile it has on Facebook, you can communicate to make donations or keep track of the consoles delivered, learn more about the organization, as well as your proposal and projects.

To collaborate in this initiative, the first thing you have to do is gather all the consoles or video games that your children no longer use, and donate them to the organization, which will distribute the games to the children in the hospital. Each console will have a sticker with the names of the person who gave it, so that the child who receives it can be in contact with the donor, through a phone call, a message or a drawing of thanks. Donations can be made over the phone (91)1020615, by email at the address [email protected] or personally at the organization's offices, located at Calle Sagasta, nº 8, Madrid, Spain.

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