A child discovers at Christmas what it means to love

A child discovers at Christmas what it means to love

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You realize that you are no longer a child when you discover what it means to truly love. Love, in capital letters. And it's not that easy. When we are children, the concept of 'loving another' is more selfish. We want because we don't want to be alone. We are scared of being alone. We need protection, honey. But at first, we are not aware that loving is not only receiving love, but also giving it.

There are pictures full of words. Of those abstract words so difficult to explain. There are images that make your hair stand on end, hit you inside, open your eyes, make you think. This is the case of the British firm's Christmas spotJohn lewis. It is a beautiful story of friendship between a boy and a penguin. But it's also about what it means to grow up. Of what it means to truly love. And of what christmas means.

The story only lasts two minutes. Enough so that your message reaches us as if they were small snowflakes, gently. Enough so that the cold of the flakes melts suddenly and seizes. Enough to excite, transmit such a great and simple message: true love is thinking about the needs of the other. It is generosity. Delivery. Empathy.

Many may think when they see this Christmas ad that it is corny or corny. It will never be for a mother or father. Parents see much more in him. We see our son play with his imaginary friend, grow, mature, feel. We see our son get excited, believe, dream. We see what friendship means to him. And also, of course, we see openly what Christmas is and should always be.

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