How capricious children are

How capricious children are

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Are children born or capricious? No doubt the children they become capricious because it will depend on how the parents face the first whims of the children whether this becomes a problem or disappears forever.

When children are young, they demand what they want because they do not know any other way to ask for it, but sometimes what they demand they do in an extreme way and when they are denied, tantrums tend to appear because if they did give in before, the child does not understand why now it is being denied and demanded more strongly.

Children begin to be capricious from the age of two because they still do not understand rules and limits, which is why the attitude of parents is essential from the first moment so that when the child grows up this does not become a real problem, since a capricious child who is always the center of the world will almost certainly turn into a tyrant child who will demand from his parents everything he wants and it is not the same to give in to a 4-year-old than to a 14-year-old.

The child is born demanding to solve his basic needs, but he becomes capricious when the parents give up more than they should and this causes the children not to value what they have and always want more and more.

The wayward children they don't know how to think about others and above all they think about what they want and that they want it now. When the child is young, the whim is claimed at the moment usually with a great tantrum and with very little (or no) tolerance for frustration and up to four years it is considered a normal attitude since the child is building his world and the Parents must begin to set limits no matter how young the child is.

But the child grows and while he does so his whims also do so, so if he is used to having everything he asks for through his mouth, it is because he has not acted correctly due to a permissive attitude on the part of the parents, something that without It is certainly counterproductive for the good integral development of the child.

Although it cannot be generalized because each child is unique and unrepeatable, it is true that there are certain characteristics that can put you on alert when you know if your child is capricious or not:

- Use tantrums or other forms of attracting attention to get what you want in the moment that is not granted when you want it.

- Does not value what he has nor the effort involved in getting things done.

- He is egocentric and the world must revolve around him regardless of others.

- Tends to act with bad behaviors.

Broadly speaking, these are the characteristics that can help you differentiate if your child is capricious.

Maria Jose Roldan
Special Education Teacher (Therapeutic Pedagogy)

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