How to bring modern music to babies and children

How to bring modern music to babies and children

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Babies and children accept all kinds of music, it is not essential that their auditory stimulation is based on classical music. The more musical variety the little one listens to, the better auditory stimulation he will receive.

It is already a fact to count on the benefits of music in the development of the individual and its positive effects on babies and children. It is more than proven that music modifies the brain organization of those who listen or practice it and improves many fundamental aspects. The question is: Is any music good to stimulate our baby or child?

We do not try to question 'good' or 'bad' music, it will depend on the personal tastes of each one and the feelings it generates. However, through our experience we have verified that some songs throughout the history of contemporary music they work better than others. Some will help us to relax, to discharge energy, to dance, but all with a common effect: to enjoy.

We advise you to follow our relationship of GREAT SUCCESSES to share with the family:

- Soundtracks: They are quite a claim for our little ones, when a child watches a children's movie what he identifies the most is music. For example, the movie Fantasy brings together great interventions by the great classics in a fun way. The Lion King, has a spectacular soundtrack written by Elton John

- Group Pop Rock: Their rhythms, frequencies and tones can be appropriate to stimulate our children. The best example, the Beatles, a world famous group that the little ones will enjoy as much as the adults. But you can also choose to What in, a group with tremendous personality where their compositions are of high quality contaminating thousands of emotions, or by the Spanish Meccano. And you have Abba, a grouping that by forming 4 different voices helps pay attention to vocal polyphony. Children respond great to your songs.

- Pop Pock soloists: Starting with the great Elvis presley, the king of rock is also the king of the movement for the little ones. Or someone else current: Madonna, Amaral, Malu, close songs that we can share with the animals. Also, of course, you have Michael jackson, unique as a musician, he has songs for all ages. Any item of yours is a gift.

- Jazz / Soul / Reggae: Taste is in variety and our babies have to be made part of it. In this group you have Frank Sinatra, the children are stunned by his deep, warm voice. Or to Ella Fitzerald, soft melodies full of intensity that pierce the ears. You can choose to James brown, with its theme I feel good he crossed borders and filled the stage with his energy. The little ones love this theme for its rhythms and melodies. The ragged voice makes them very curious. Or also Bob marley, genuine and a myth. That originality in his voice, in his melodies and tempos makes children gasp.

The list could be endless, all you have to think about is this: if music is unlimited, it must be for children too.

The power of music does not understand classisms or barriers, bringing any type of music to our little ones and sharing it with them is the best gift. Do the test!

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