Who are children's superheroes

Who are children's superheroes

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A hero is one who performs memorable feats. A superhero goes further. A suerhero is that supernatural character who achieves the impossible, the unthinkable, the unimaginable. But what exactly is a superhero for a child? Who is it? Superman? Spiderman?

An NGO campaign Save the children has found the answer. A superhero is able to excite a child and achieve what only until then was hidden in a very, very distant place: his dreams.

My daughter has drawn me many times as a superhero, riding a fantastic animal and wearing a mask. I am, 'super mom'. For many children, their parents are their heroes. In countries where the essentials are not lacking, children's imaginations go further, and their superheroes fly through space, touch the stars and reach the moon.

But In countries where water is a precious commodity and food a necessity, superheroes are very different. Without a cape or mask, they are capable of 'making food rain' or finding water in the most unexpected places. A superhero manages to cure a sick person and even helps to deliver a baby. The superhero can 'make light' and end darkness. And he often brings 'strange' objects to children, games they have never seen in their short life.

The video of Save the children about children's superheroes makes us quite clear. A superhero flies, yes. And on his flight he brings food with him. And weapons that destroy the terrible mosquitoes. And medicines that end the fever. And that 'magic box' where premature babies grow up healthy.

Children's superheroes with fewer material goods make the most basic possible: life. And they describe them with passion without realizing that they are actually superheroes.

What never changes is the look of the children. It doesn't matter the country or the superhero they dream of. When a child's eyes are drenched in illusion, they project that magical, blinding glow that inevitably grabs you.

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