How the child should behave when other children hit him

How the child should behave when other children hit him

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Nowadays when I am in the park with my son I see childish behaviors of all kinds in children. I can observe very clever children, more withdrawn and shy children, children who hit and bite, children who don't know how to defend themselves ... but I also see different behaviors in parents: parents who let their children hit, parents who let their children hit and parents who scold their children when they hit or who help their children when they hit them.

And I am sure that these children at school have similar behaviors and the age of the little ones does not matter because when they are in one way in social contexts such as the park they will also be in others such as at school. But there are more withdrawn and shy children who need strategies to be able to behave correctly without causing discomfort within them. Is your child shy and when they hit him he doesn't know what to do?

A child will learn to behave depending on how parents teach them from an early age, so the presence and guidance of parents is essential. I have ever met mothers and fathers in parks who left children 'to their own devices' so that they could learn to defend themselves if they were beaten, but is this really ethical and does it work? Teach a child to hit because they hit him? Violence as a response to violence? I have my doubts about this.

When children are young they are in a moment of development of their social skills and it is very important to take care of this and teach them correctly so that in their future can have good interaction strategies with others. They need a role model: that of parents.

In social skills you have to learn to resolve conflicts in interpersonal relationships because they exist and will exist, so it is not useful to overprotect them either, you have to teach them to behave correctly in such negative situations, but always making it clear that aggressive behavior should never be tolerated.

In order for them to learn to resolve their conflicts they will need a reference model, you must intervene when your child is hit and guide him properly. If you do not, you will be taking away the opportunity to learn correctly how to handle these situations and you will also be telling them that you allow the use of violence, something that is totally intolerable.

When a child is hit and he is shy you should not let them hit you, You should always seek help from the adult and be able to express what has happened after leaving the place. In this way, the adult will act as a model for learning new social skills, guiding the process towards a dialogue and looking for consequences for the aggressor such as leaving him without recess if it is in school or talking to the child's parents if it is in the park (but without resorting to violence).

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