The value of punctuality in children

The value of punctuality in children

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As defended by the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language, punctuality is the care and diligence in getting things done on time. Without a doubt a virtue that in the world in which we live becomes an obligation. That is why children must be given value, educating them on punctuality will mean a commitment for them to do their homework on time, arrive on time to school or catch the last bus.

For this, nothing better than to set an example, as is well known, parents are the mirror where their children are reflected, therefore, you have to be responsible and be punctual, otherwise it will not be possible to make a career in the purpose.

Punctuality is one of the values ​​to work with children from a very young age. Maybe when they are younger they tend to believe that things with children take time and that 5 minutes up or down will not lead to anything, but human beings tend to take a liking to these types of attitudes and what at first It's 5 minutes, in the end they end up being 20, and that in the future is not a feature that will make things easier for them in order to find a job or stay in the one they get. No one will hire someone who is 20 minutes late for a job interview, or 5 minutes each day.

One of the fundamentals for punctuality is that every moment or situation in life, be it a formal meeting, an appointment with friends, or with the dentist, is important enough and requires our attention and, therefore, our commitment from minute one with that situation.

Although, as we say, every situation is important, not all have the same importance and it is also necessary to educate children to who know how to prioritize Faced with the tasks they have to undertake, surely it is important for them to play the console, but the console will remain in place the next day and arrive on time for an exam and with the lesson learned, they do not wait for tomorrow.

Children are very clueless and when they start to play or watch a movie they completely forget about the world around them, something that makes it difficult to adopt such an important value as punctuality, but it is not something exclusive to the little ones, whom The saint has not gone to heaven talking with a friend, or watching our favorite series. Therefore, you should not be harsh with them if they are not punctual at the beginning or at a certain time because it can happen to all of us. With a little dialogue and understanding on the part of the parents and acquiring a commitment that it will not be repeated by the children, and surely that little by little they will become a more responsible and punctual child.

Even if parents completely turn to trying to instill punctuality in their children, if in the end they lack the will and sacrifice necessary to achieve it, it will not do any good. Therefore, you must discover the cause of the problem, whether it be irresponsibility, disorder or laziness, and try to fix it. Get up earlier, go to bed earlier, have fewer distractions during the day ...

Any help is little and often necessary, there are children who are clueless by nature and who could use the help of a clock or electronic device with a built-in alarm and that reminds the child that it is time to do such a thing.

Diego Fernandez. Editor of our site

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