Boy or girl? You can already know in the second month of pregnancy

Boy or girl? You can already know in the second month of pregnancy

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What will the sex of your baby be? What until now could only be known from the fourth month of pregnancy, can already be known from the second month of pregnancy.Thanks to the investigations of a group of scientists, which was always determined through an ultrasound and even Through invasive procedures such as amniocentesis, chorionic villus biopsy, and cordocentesis, it is now determined with a three-milliliter sample of maternal blood, starting at the seventh or eighth week of gestation.

The process begins with the isolation of fetal DNA and it is known, with an accuracy of 98 percent, if it is a boy or a girl. In addition, the same sample can identify diseases such as hemophilia or Duchenne muscular dystrophy, in the fetus.

This medical advance, free of danger for both the mother and the fetus, will allow any clinical analysis laboratory to offer this service. Maternal blood is collected, analyzed, and in about two days the sex of the future baby will be known.

Before coming to light, the method was tested in a clinical study with 120 mothers, promoted by Laboratorios Lorgen, with the participation of the Virgen de las Nieves Hospital and the Foundation for Biosanitary Research (FIBAO). Only in two cases was there no coincidence. Reliable or not, effective or not, we wonder why it is important to know the sex of the future baby. It will be to choose the color of your clothes, the decoration of your room, give it a name,… What benefits a family that can now know two months before the sex of the baby that can only be born by the 36th week of gestation. Two months less or two more months, what difference does it make? Or is it that the difference is in the method? Only those who walk this path will know.

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