Plasticine ox. Christmas craft for kids

Plasticine ox. Christmas craft for kids

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At Bethlehem portal there are two very original protagonists: the ox and the mule, who were present during the birth of the Child Jesus. That is why this figure cannot be missing in our Christmas Nativity Scene.

For the Birth to be a Christmas decoration even more special and personalized, in We propose you to make an ox out of plasticine. We teach you to do this simple craft step by step.

  • Pink plasticine
  • Dark brown modeling clay
  • White plasticine
  • Black plasticine

1. Make two slightly elongated balls of dark brown plasticine, one larger than the other. Place the large ball horizontally and place the small one, which will be the head, at one end.

2. Take a piece of pink plasticine and stretch it to shape the tail, stick it on the opposite side of the head. For the nose, make a slightly flattened ball of the same color and place it in the center of the head.

3. To make the ears, form two triangles out of pink plasticine and place them on the sides of the head.

4. For the eyes, make two circles of white plasticine, in the center of each stick a smaller ball of black plasticine, and put them on the head, on the nose. It's ready!

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