Children can swallow batteries, screws ... everything!

Children can swallow batteries, screws ... everything!

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In the first six months of life, the mobility of our babies is quite limited and these months will be the calmest in terms of their safety. But from this age on, their motor skills will take off spectacularly and will help our little ones to crash face to face with a number of dangers that not even parents suspect.

The beginning of crawling, playing on the floor, walking freely around the house called by their curiosity about everything and their eagerness to put everything they find in their mouth, make this period one of the most dangerous of childhood.

This time we are not talking about reckless or mischievous children but about the potential time bomb that any "common baby" represents. Their folly is quite general. We all know that childhood is a stage of immaturity and experimentation in which dangers multiply and in which parents need to put in extra hours to avoid possible accidents.

Until some awareness of danger or common sense begins to emerge in our little ones (which does not happen before 3 or 4 years), we must not stop monitoring our intrepid little ones, at least periodically, and anticipate their actions, anticipating the risks within your reach.

You will see the importance of this recommendation clearly when you experience, like me, the chills produced by the vision of these X-rays taken to babies between seven months and two years old. Batteries, screws, coins, safety pins ... I've never seen them through x-rays before! Let us be aware of the dangers that surround our little ones and give them the security of a home in which to play and learn.

A coin

A screw

A must see

A few batteries

- If your older child chokes, I advise you to watch this video on how to act in cases of child choking.

- If your child is still a baby, we also offer you a video on what to do when choking babies. It's always good to know because you don't know when these things can happen to us.

Patro Gabaldon

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