Children's stories of brothers. Children's books

Children's stories of brothers. Children's books

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Books are a great tool for educating children. Through stories, children can learn and often understand issues so complicated for them, such as fears, values, friends, as well as, in this case, how to relate to their siblings. has selected some books that parents can purchase safely and comfortably.

1. Brothers up in the soup!
Teresa Broseta

This book is about the importance of tolerance, patience and affection between siblings in a family. During her summer in Asturias, Carlota thinks that, more than a family, hers is a puzzle of different families. And it is that in the house where he spends his vacations he has no choice but to live with nineteen other people. Can anyone find this funny?

2. I expect a little brother
Marianne Vilcoq
A fabulous book for the smallest to learn to assimilate the arrival of a new brother. When you are little, you are an only child and you are used to receiving all the attention of your parents, it is very hard to have a baby brother. This book is ideal to explain to the little ones where children come from, and it is also a great help to avoid the jealousy that many feel when a sibling arrives. With a very simple format and bright colors, the child can see how a baby is growing in his mother's belly. Recommended for children between three and five years old.

3. I give you my brother
Manuel L. Alonso
Olivia is the oldest daughter in a normal family. He is nine and a half years old and has a seven-year-old brother, Luis, who is a terror. When he's not finished doing one prank he's already doing the next one, so Olivia is already a little fed up with him. But how fed up? Enough to accept a brother change? Let's say yes because that is what happens one day and she, at first, thinks the change is very good.

4. my brother
Anthony Browne
After My Dad and My Mom, Anthony Browne dedicates an album to his brother who, in addition to being an artist with a skateboard and a privileged footballer, can write fantastic stories and sing and dance like the wildest of rockers.

5. My sister Aixa
Meri torras
Aixa is special. It didn't come out of Mom's belly: it came by plane from Africa. Aixa is not like the sisters of my school friends; Aixa is my new sister and although she is missing a leg, she is a "crack" playing soccer!

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