Names for boys from literature

Names for boys from literature

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When choosing the name of the baby we can be inspired in many areas. Movies, television or famous people create many trendy names, but we can also turn to literature to find the perfect name for our boy or girl.

We turn to the greats classics of literature to find meaningful, intense names that never go out of style. Because our baby deserves a name with personality and beauty, we have found 10 names for boys in literature.

1. Romeo. William Shakespeare gave us a play like 'Romeo and Juliet' full of true love. Romeo, in addition to being one of the protagonists of this love story, is also the name of one of the Beckhams' children.

2. Nestor. Nestor is a name of Greek origin that appears in 'The Iliad' of Homer. It is a name that represents wisdom and prudence in the figure of the old Nestor de Pilos.

3. Oliver. The child protagonist of the novel by Charles Dickens 'Oliver Twist' It can be the perfect name for your child due to its Latin origin and its meaning related to peace. It is also original and maintains a touch of freshness.

4. Santiago. We find this traditional name of Hebrew origin in the novel by García Márquez 'A Chronicle of a Death Foretold'. He has great strength and personality and that is why he is one of the most frequent names in many Latin American countries.

5. Rodrigo. This name of Germanic origin and whose meaning refers to glory, is the name of the protagonist of the 'Song of mine Cid'. Halfway between legend and reality, Rodrigo presents himself as an original and distinguished name.

6. Guillermo. In literature we often come across this name of Germanic origin that means 'the protector'. But we stayed as a reference with Guillermo de Baskerville, one of the protagonists of 'The name of the rose'.

7. Horacio. This name of Latin origin that derives from the Roman goddess of youth, Hora, we find it as the protagonist of the novel by Julio Cortázar 'Hopscotch', one of the essential works of universal literature.

8. Tristan. It is one of the most interesting names for boys. It has a Celtic origin and a meaning that speaks of the stones of the gods. It is known to us thanks to the cycle of medieval legends that narrate his love affairs with Isolde.

9. Arthur. It is of Celtic origin and means 'as strong as a rock'. We know this name through Arthurian legend, with his sword Excalibur and his knights of the round table in search of the Grail.

10. Alonso. This name of Germanic origin 'prepares for combat' and belongs to the medieval tradition. It is also the name of the protagonist of 'The Quijote', that crazy gentleman named Alonso Quijano.

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