Shall we look at the moon, mom?

Shall we look at the moon, mom?

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Something has caught the children's attention this weekend, the full moon! As evening fell, the sky became a real spectacle for them. My daughter walked to the window and her eyes grew like two full moons. 'Mom, Mom, come see the moon! And there was the moon, spectacular, splendid ... huge !! No one could ignore her.

Doing things as simple and special as looking at the moon from the window glass has always been one of the most endearing moments with my daughter, because if there is something that attracts us all at home, that is the moon, especially when it arrives full and full of light.

As a child, my daughter loved to sit in the gazebo of our house to watch the moon. That left her so relaxed ... At first, looking at the sky so much, she ended up asleep on her cushion. A little older, he began to draw and color the moon. 'How difficult to make it so round!' Then he would try to take photos as if he wanted to get hold of its light.

Over time, other things caught his attention and the moon was becoming less important. Although my daughter did not look at the moon as much as she used to, she still maintained her interest in it. She began to look at the moon through books, stories and legends. I think that the moon has a special fascination and attraction on children. Although in their drawings they reflect the sun more, the moon is always something unattainable in their imagination and in their wishes. Something like a trunk of surprises.

Experts say that the moon has power over our behaviors, over our mood and character. I would say that the moon, like us, has its phases. Like the moon, many times we feel full and full, and at other times more withdrawn or more open. In one way or another, when we meet as a family, it is not necessary to do great things or great efforts to feel fulfilled. A simple encounter with the moon, for example, can become a cause for celebration, don't you think?

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