How to make a colorful kite with children

How to make a colorful kite with children

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Have fun with your children making their own homemade toys like this simple children's craft of a colorful kite. It is also a recycling craft since it is made with paper. It is ideal for playing outdoors with children.

With this homemade craft for children, the little ones can create their own toys or decorate their room. They can also learn the value of recycling items while developing creativity.

  • Pinocchio paper of different colors
  • Black cord
  • Colored stickers or stickers.
  • Pair of scissors.
  • Sand or rice.
  • Self-adhesive washers for perforated sheets.
  • Glue.

1. Cut out a large square of pinocchio paper of the color you want, for example black.

2. Roll it up on itself and staple it to form a trapezoid like the one in the photo.

3. Pass a string through the end of the kite.

Four . Glue colored stickers to decorate it.

5. Glue strips of colored paper to the other end. To play with the tubular kite you just have to run pulling it.

And we already have our colorful kite to play with children.

Video: Lets Make a Kite! Science Project for Kids (June 2022).


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