Famous names for girls

Famous names for girls

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The famous characters they are very present in our lives. Actresses, athletes, singers or celebrities simply appear constantly on the television screen and it is impossible for us not to notice them. That is why celebrities also exert a great influence when it comes to naming the baby.

Women famous for their talent, for their own or inherited merits, but who in any case enjoy the charisma that popularity gives, can be an example for your baby's name. We have compiled a list with 10 famous names in which you will surely find the best name for your girl.

1. Penelope. This name of Greek origin and belonging to mythology is one of the most attractive for girls. Besides gaining charm thanks to a song by Joan Manuel Serrat, it is also the name of one of the most beloved actresses, Penélope Cruz.

2. Victory. It is a name of Latin origin with a very eloquent meaning that leads to success in life. A success that many well-known women have achieved, such as the actress Victoria Abril or the celebrity par excellence, Victoria Beckham.

3. Letizia. It is the name of the princess of Asturias, media princess where they exist. That is why this name of Latin origin that means "happiness" is gaining popularity and is one of the favorites by girls.

4. Leonor. This name has a possible Celtic origin and is carried by several European princesses. It stands out for its musicality and delicacy, as well as a completely updated medieval charm.

5. Angelina. The name is of Greek origin and is nothing but a more stylized variant of Angela. It has always enjoyed a quiet popularity that is on the rise thanks to the influence of the most desired Hollywood actress, Angelina Jolie.

6. Eva. With a Hebrew origin and coming from the biblical tradition, this name wins in frequency thanks to the charm of one of the most beloved actresses, Eva Longoria. It is also a short name that likes for its simplicity and forcefulness.

7. Sofia. This name of Greek origin and with a meaning of "wisdom" is one of the most popular for girls, regardless of the famous name. But in recent years, she's been gaining places on the charts of frequent names thanks to actress Sofía Vergara.

8. Elsa. It is one of the most charming names for girls. It has a Scandinavian origin and many think that it is the variant of Isabel. The actress and celebrity Elsa Pataki has contributed greatly to this short and cute name becoming popular among girls.

9. Adriana. This name of Latin origin is one of those traditional names that manage to keep looking modern in each generation. We know many actresses named Adriana, but the most popular character that is making this name grow is the model Adriana Lima.

10. Jennifer. This name that wastes modernity comes from an old Welsh name, Geneva, protagonist of the legend of King Arthur. Today it is gaining popularity for artists such as Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer López or Jennifer Lawrence.

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