Itching, stinging and irritability. Does your child have lice?

Itching, stinging and irritability. Does your child have lice?

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They are small, gluttonous and spend their days procreating and teasing babies, children and adults, what are they? Yes, lice and nits. And besides, there is no escape. No way to permanently eliminate them has been discovered, so there are several epidemics of these pesky parasites every year. Schools, nurseries or camps are their favorite habitats and they are full of possible victims. Furthermore, withrising temperatures and the arrival of spring or summer find their ideal time to expand head to head, and the number of infections is greater at these times of the year.

Practically every week, some of my children come home from school with a note advising us that a new case of pediculosis has been detected. And every time I read it, I thoroughly examine their heads, crossing my fingers tightly to avoid finding those happy parasites.

Lice are not related to dirt or poverty as was thought in the past, they nest in heads of any condition and age. Recently a mother told me: 'I am not washing my son's head this week because lice like clean hair better'. Although this statement, according to experts is a myth, it is true that lice do not like fat too much, so in some cultures they use oils to protect themselves from them.

Knowing that schools are ideal places for lice to find new heads to tease or with the heat they are at easeIt is essential that we check the heads of our children on a daily basis, simply to avoid further ills and infections.

There are 3 clues that can lead us to think that lice have already settled on the head of a child:

1- Itching

2- Stinging

3 Irritability

It is possible that while you read this your head has started to itch, it usually happens. Just talking about lice and nits makes us very uncomfortable.

In any case, if you notice that your children are scratching their heads excessively, come closer and look ... perhaps these 'vampiric criminals' have decided to nest in their heads. If so, you just have to arm yourself with patience and eliminate them one by one, although there are more and more novel methods to end them: from special vacuum cleaners for lice to combs with ultraviolet light.

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