Most popular names for boys that begin with the letter C

Most popular names for boys that begin with the letter C

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There is still a while until the baby arrives, but happy parents want to have everything ready. One of the decisions that parents must make during this wait is to choose the name of their baby, a choice that can be influenced by family, friends or by trends in names of the moment.

To make name choice easier we have arranged popular names for boys according to their starting letter. In this list of 10 boy names that begin with the letter C surely you will find the most appropriate for your baby.

1. Carlos. It is a name of Germanic origin in whose meaning we find the strength and vigor that your child needs. It is a frequent name that maintains its popularity and freshness intact despite its long tradition.

2. Cristian. The name is of Greek origin and has been passed down through religious tradition. It is one of those names with a special capacity for renewal, capable of staying current and with an original touch despite its use.

3. Caesar. This name has a Latin origin with an uncertain meaning but with connotations that inevitably link it to the emperor. Full of history and tradition, César sounds like elegance and distinction, so it can be the ideal name for your child.

4. Claudio. Again a name for a boy of Latin origin that is endorsed by all the weight of history. The name has all the flavor of the Roman Empire so it contains a powerful and strong air. In addition, his personality keeps his popularity intact.

5. Conrado. The name has a Germanic origin and a meaning that speaks of wise and bold advice. This is a name that brings charisma and that also has an air of mystery and seduction. Its freshness and originality remain unchanged.

6. Clemente. It is a name of Latin origin that means "kind", which is still a declaration of intentions for the personality of your child. In addition, the name has been reinvented over time and contains an elegant and sophisticated touch.

7. Camilo. This name has a possible Etruscan origin and its meaning would be related to the priesthood of some ancient divinity. The mystery that surrounds its origin and its meaning only increases the appeal of this name that remains fully topical.

8. Carmelo. The name is of Hebrew origin and in its meaning we find the natural beauty of the gardens. Although it is not on the frequent name lists, its discretion results in an original name that does not fall into eccentricity at any time.

9. Candid. It is a name of Latin origin with a radiant, resplendent and happy meaning, so its influence on the personality of your child is enormous. Despite being a long-known name, it has not lost its freshness and maintains all its strength.

10. Castor. The name is of Greek origin and comes directly to us through Greek mythology. Castor and his twin Póllux, brothers of the beautiful Helena, later turned into stars, the brightest in the Gemini constellation, due to their special strength.

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