The nursery rhymes of our readers

The nursery rhymes of our readers

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In Guiainfantil we have a space reserved for the poetry of our readers. Below you can read a poem written by Sonsoles De Juan Escribano entitled Las ardillas.

This space belongs to all of you. Of all the readers who, by initiative and creativity, like write or create poetry. Thank you very much for your collaboration and do not stop sending us your own poetry.

Poetry is a universal language for children, since it makes them grow inside and is an inexhaustible source that benefits their sensitivity and creativity, and helps them understand situations, passions and emotions.

Poems, with their rhythm and melody, lead children by the hand to the essence of words. Without a doubt, reading poetry improves markedly child's learning and intellectual development.

The squirrels

It is spring, the meadow is blooming,
the squirrel and its baby gather the nuts.
They run and climb from tree to tree.
They are collecting their pleasant morsel.
When it gets dark his gut is full
and happy they return to their burrow.

Poetry sent by Sonsoles De Juan Escribano.

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