The lizard is crying. Federico Garcia Lorca

The lizard is crying. Federico Garcia Lorca

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The lizard is crying is one of his many children's poems written by Federico García Lorca and fromGuiainfantil We encourage you to read it to your children so that they know a little more about this illustrious Spanish poet.

Federico Garcia Lorca He was one of the greatest poets and playwrights of the first half of the 20th century. Although much of his work is aimed at an adult or post-adolescent audience, many of his poets are dedicated to early childhood, perhaps as a reflection of his young days in Fuentevaqueros.

The lizard is crying.

The lizard is crying.

The lizard and the lizard with little white aprons.

Have lost without wanting his wedding ring.

Oh! his lead ring,

Oh! her lead ring

A big sky without people

ride the birds in your balloon.

The sun, round captain,

He wears a satin vest.

Look at them how old they are!

How old are the lizards!

Oh, how they cry and cry!

Ay, ay, how they are crying!

Author: Federico García Lorca

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